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Join the mission of Dream Center Esperanza  to rebuild the broken hearted through a community of “Healed Helpers“.


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Dream Center Esperanza | Dream Center in Puerto Rico

Transforming Lives

We are a non-profit initiative launched to establish a center and mobilize organizational, financial and community resources for vulnerable groups such as drug addicts, domestic abuse victims, homeless and those living below the poverty line. Our mission is to rebuild broken-hearted people through a community of “healed helpers” by providing free resources and services that meet the immediate and long-term spiritual, physical, and mental needs in the areas of addiction, abuse, and poverty.

Partner with
the Local Churches

The aim is for people and entire communities to be changed. Christ Himself is seen as the source of significant transformation.

Serve the Local

Partnering with local churches and organizations, we aim to enable local people to mobilize local resources to meet basic needs in an enduring way throughout an entire community.​

Partner with Local

Nonprofits are important to the cohesion of neighborhoods and the development of local communities.

Dream Center Esperanza | Dream Center in Puerto Rico

Dream Center Esperanza Programs




Food Truck

In Puerto Rico, it is estimated that close to 40% of the population suffers from food insecurity. The Food Truck dedicates all its efforts so that no one is left without eating in our communities


Kidz Jam

The Kidz JAM program teams up with Adopt A Block to provide emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual support to the many youth of underserved neighborhood sites served by Adopt A Block. 


The “Bolsita de Amor” food program is designed to meet the needs of children who do not have the resources available to eat adequately during weekends, holidays and school vacations. 


Senior Home Delivery

Through our Adopt-A-Block program, seniors are identified who are immobile and in need of additional care. Groceries, hygiene items, and other services are delivered on a regular basis. 


Food Pantry

A local center where families can pickup donated food and hygiene items for free. Participants visit this location during operating hours, meet with our friendly staff, and select from a variety of items. 


Homeless Ministry

In collaboration with other local organizations, Dream Center Esperanza delivers food, hygiene, and other items to men, women, and families living on the streets of our community. 





A 10-to-12 month residential life recovery program that will provide a structured, supportive environment for men and women to overcome negative behavior patterns, and learn healthy habits to gain a new approach on life.


Homeless families

Provides the opportunity for struggling homeless families to gain support in spiritual, emotional, educational, financial and vocational areas, while establishing stability and engaging in community.


Safe House

Helps victims of domestic abuse & violence, sexual abuse, and harassment seek professional help, heal spiritually, physically and mentally, and reintegrate successfully into their communities.

Dream Center Esperanza | Dream Center in Puerto Rico
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