Dear friend,

Giving Tuesday, the worldwide day of philanthropy, is approaching soon (TOMORROW). It presents a unique opportunity to extend your support to Dream Center Esperanza, as we strive to bring a sense of Hope to those who find themselves in despair on the island.

Through acts of compassionate evangelism and community outreach initiatives targeting children, teenagers, the elderly, and the homeless, we aim to enhance the lives of young families facing challenging circumstances such as addiction, abuse, and poverty. Our primary goal is to raise $25,000, a significant amount that will contribute towards supporting these individuals.

On Giving Tuesday, contribute in igniting hope and fostering aspirations by offering the essential services, resources, and assistance that are instrumental in helping people discover a renewed sense of Hope. Rest assured, with your invaluable assistance, we can accomplish this endeavor.

Please consider making a donation tomorrow, or if possible, begin your generous contribution early today by visiting our website:

Warm regards,

Daniel & Yolanda Rivera

Founders & Pastors of Dream Center Esperanza

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