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Dream Center Esperanza is a a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (EIN #66-0990382). 

What is Kidz Jam?

Kidz Jam Ministry is a volunteer initiative based in Puerto Rico that provides Christian teaching and values to children in impoverished communities. The volunteers give their time to serve children from disadvantaged backgrounds and provide spiritual direction, resources, and guidance in an effort to create positive opportunities for youth. Volunteers can help out by participating in games, sports, teach Bible lessons, mentorship, and more.

Why do kids come to Kidz Jam?


To Love God First

At Kidz Jam, children are welcomed into a vibrant and nurturing environment where they are encouraged to develop a deep love and connection with God. This unique program goes beyond teaching children to simply know about God; it aims to cultivate a genuine love and devotion in their hearts, placing God as the focal point of their lives. Through engaging and interactive activities, children are provided with opportunities to explore and understand the teachings of the Christian faith in a fun and relatable way.


To Learn God's Word

Kidz Jam creates an exciting place where children gather to learn and discover God's word in a fun and interactive way. Through engaging activities, lively music, and captivating storytelling, Kidz Jam offers an immersive experience that allows children to connect with the teachings of the Bible on a deeper level. The dedicated teachers and volunteers at Kidz Jam are passionate about fostering a love for God's word and helping children understand its relevance in their everyday lives.


To Bring Others To Jesus

Kidz Jam is not just your average children's program. It is a place where children come to not only have fun and make friends, but also to learn the importance of bringing others to Jesus. In today's fast-paced and technology-driven world, it can be easy for children to lose sight of their spiritual growth. However, at Kidz Jam, a team of dedicated and passionate leaders work together to create an environment that nurtures children's faith. Through engaging activities, interactive lessons, and meaningful discussions, children are encouraged to develop a deep understanding of their faith and the desire to share it with others.


To Live Good All The Days

At Kidz Jam, children come to not only gain knowledge, but also to develop the values and skills needed to navigate the world and live a good life every single day. The program focuses on teaching children the importance of kindness, empathy, and respect towards others. Through interactive activities, games, and workshops, children learn about the value of honesty, the impact of their actions, and the importance of making wise choices. They are encouraged to develop strong character traits such as perseverance, responsibility, and resilience, which are essential for personal growth and success.

Our team of Community Impactors

Daniel & Yolanda

Founders of Dream Center Esperanza

Dylan & Daniella

Leaders of Kidz Jam
- El Cotto

Blue Family

Group of volunteers who love to serve
and be a part of the #BlueFamily

See our program come to life

Thank you for supporting our mission at Kidz Jam! Your support will help us make a tremendous impact in the lives of at-risk children, providing them with the resources and hope they need to thrive.

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How You Can support Kidz Jam

*Dream Center Esperanza is a a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (EIN #66-0990382). 

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