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A Personal Journey – Jaime

Jaime Maldonado Ledesma

The Power of Bringing Hope to the Hopeless: A Personal Journey – Jaime

Personal story of experiencing hopelessness.

I moved from New York to Puerto Rico a little over two years ago. I had been living in the longest and most difficult season of my life. I had gone through a divorce after being married for 13 years. I went through broken relationships and many other struggles and it just seemed as if my life was continually going on a downward spiral. When I got here, I was a shell of my former self. Mentally, I was in the worst place I had ever been. Depression, doubt and anxiety became what defined me. Where I once was a vibrant man who believed in the calling God had placed in my life and a man who was willing to do whatever it took to love on people and share who God was in my life, to now doubting everything God made me to be and believing that I no longer had worth and couldn’t be used by God.

Once I became involved with Dream Center Esperanza and started getting involved in all their ministries, I began to feel alive again. Being able to help others by giving out food, setting up a hot dog stand, community cleanup, praying for them, hugging them and just loving on them reminded me that God can still use broken people. It reminded me that I wasn’t too broken or too far gone that God couldn’t reach me. I realized that the further I hid in my depression, doubt and anxiety the more God reached out to me to pull me out of it all and love me through it all. Dream Center Esperanza helped me find healing through helping and loving others. They helped me understand that putting the focus on those that need the love of God over focusing on the lies that I believed over my life because of my brokenness was exactly what I needed. Those were the tools that God would use to bring healing to my brokenness. Dream Center Esperanza has become a part of my family where I can find people who are just like me and where I can find support and a common desire to change our communities by just being there for people and loving them right where they are.

How Dream Center Esperanza brought hope and changed Jaime’s life.

Dream Center Esperanza truly helped me find life and hope in the areas of my life that felt as if they no longer had life. Being able to see how God is changing lives and how He is changing our communities has brought back my passion to just love on people. God isn’t looking for perfection, all He’s looking for is for people to say yes. He’s looking for people who are willing to go beyond themselves and be stretched. We get to help people in their lowest and most difficult moments. There is so much life and hope to be had when you allow God to use you in your brokenness.

This is what brings hope, life and healing through God. We don’t have to do this; we GET to do this! I am now no longer defined by my brokenness because my worth is only found in Christ. Dream Center Esperanza has a passion and a desire to see lives changed, to find a hurt and heal it and to find a need and fill it. I’m truly thankful that I can be a part of this family and that I get to see first hand all the sights and wonders that God is doing.

Dream Center Esperanza brings hope to others in many ways. We provide food and clothing to those in need, offer children and youth programs, and assist in rehabilitation and housing. We also offer a sense of community through their various programs and events, creating a safe and welcoming space for those who may feel isolated or alone. Through our efforts, we are able to bring hope to those who may have lost it and help them build a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.

The importance of supporting Dream Center Esperanza.

Supporting Dream Center Esperanza is crucial in bringing hope to those who need it most. By donating time, money, or resources, you can help provide food, clothing, education, and support services to those in need. Your support can also help create a sense of community and belonging for those who may feel isolated or alone. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most and help build a brighter future for all.

How You Can Help

  • Water
  • Toiletries (soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant)
  • Socks/underclothes for both adults and children
  • Diapers
  • Clothes for both adults and children
  • Baby food/oatmeal/formula
  • Food
  • Bedding
  • Universal Gift Cards (Walmart or Visa)
  • Toys
  • Flash Lights
  • Furniture (Bed Frames, Mattresses, etc.)
  • Shoes for adults and children
  • Snacks
Send in-kind donations to:
P.O. Box 2684
Arecibo, Puerto Rico 00613-2684

Or, call us at 787-634-3440
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