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Transform the Next Generation – Kidz Jam

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Summer has arrived, and we are excited to take action in empowering the next generation to achieve their full potential!

Each week, we have the privilege of visiting our communities to deliver essential items such as food and hygiene products. However, what truly brings us joy is the opportunity to engage with the children and youth in these underserved communities through our Kidz Jam program.

It is disheartening to see that children living in poverty often face numerous challenges, including below-average academic achievement, poor social and emotional well-being, behavioral issues, inadequate nutrition, and a higher risk of homelessness.

This is why our goal is to see and influence a thriving generation within our city, and to do it with fun!

Kidz Jam is an exciting and innovative gospel-centered community program that aims to create a vibrant and flourishing generation within our city. Through a combination of interactive activities, creative biblical messages, and engaging events, Kidz Jam provides a unique platform for young minds to explore their God-given potential, develop their skills, and make lasting memories. Our team of dedicated volunteers are dedicated to nurturing the talents and passions of each child, fostering their growth and empowering them to reach new heights. With Kidz Jam, we believe the Gospel can be both enriching and fun, allowing children to thrive and embrace their unique abilities. Join us on this incredible journey and be a part of shaping the future of our city through the power of play and biblical teachings.

Thanks to your incredible support, children in this community are undergoing a truly transformative experience. Join us in our mission to reach even more families and children with essential supplies and activities centered around the gospel. By donating $35, $50, or $100, you will be instrumental in creating a powerful wave of hope, compassion, and lasting change. Together, let’s empower families in need and guide them towards a brighter future.

Together, let’s transform families in need towards a brighter future.

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How You Can Help

  • Water
  • Toiletries (soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant)
  • Socks/underclothes for both adults and children
  • Diapers
  • Clothes for both adults and children
  • Baby food/oatmeal/formula
  • Food
  • Bedding
  • Universal Gift Cards (Walmart or Visa)
  • Toys
  • Flash Lights
  • Furniture (Bed Frames, Mattresses, etc.)
  • Shoes for adults and children
  • Snacks
Send in-kind donations to:
P.O. Box 2684
Arecibo, Puerto Rico 00613-2684

Or, call us at 787-634-3440
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